Upcoming Events:

November 19, 2022:             
Miami Book Fair's relaunching of "Torro the Silly Parrot" with Virginia Pope
Visit the fair and get your copy signed by author and illustrator!

April 7, 2023:                         
"Artist's Eye on Kerry" launch and exhibition in the Great Southern Hotel, Killarney!

October 2023:                       
Solo exhibition in Brazco Coffee Academy, Oranmore, Galway - check back later for more details!

This is a process video for the painting, "Burg Eltz" (Eltz Castle)

Recent Events:


A solo exhibition in the Courthouse in Kinvara, was a solo exhibition 'HOME' which ran from 23 - 30 July 2021.  The Kinvara Area Visual Artists (KAVA) Committee asked that I provide an artist's talk with this exhibition and this is the link if you would like to view it online:  

Artist introduction:

KAVA produced a series of artist introduction videos in 2021 called "KAVA Presents...", this is my episode: