These are the books that I have written and illustrated myself.  If you would like to see the books I have illustrated for other authors please click here:  Books By Other Authors

"Patrick Pointyhat and the Sea Hag" is the second book in the Patrick Pointyhat series of elf adventures.  In this book, Patrick's name for being a great monster hunter has become widely known and our hero is called upon by the woodland elves to help rid them of their problem - a nasty sea hag.

Using his head, Patrick soon comes up with a plan...but will it work?

Find out in this latest adventure.  Available in online bookstores, or direct from me (price €10)- send me a message if you are interested in a copy.





"The Old Man Cuts His Beard" is a fun rhyming tale about the old man from the infamous nursery rhyme by Edward Lear, "There Was an Old Man With a Beard." 


The tale continues on with the old man having grown tired of the beard which was home to so many birds and he decides to cut it off...but will he have second thoughts?  Find out what the old man does in this fun story told in rhyming style similar to that of the original limerick. 


Released January 2019

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"Jack Sprat's Wife" is a whimsical tale based on the infamous nursery rhyme characters.  This tale is about Jane Sprat's unhealthy lifestyle and its adverse effects upon her health, and her journey to make healthy choices ultimately leading to a healthier condition with the loving support of her husband Jack.

Released March 2017 and will is available on on:

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"Classic World Tales From Russia: Baba Yaga" is the first in a series of fairy tales that I have retold and illustrated.  It is the story of a bony-legged witch, who lives in a house that stands on hen's feet, and she feasts her iron teeth upon unsuspecting children.  However, Baba Yaga seems to have met her match in a young girl whose kind heart brings her the assistance of those around her.  


It is available on from the 25th of March 2015, at


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'Tiny Paper Bird' 

'Tiny Paper Bird' is the story of an origami bird that gets left behind and goes on the adventure of its life, only to discover there are limits to being made of paper.

Follow the tiny paper bird as it meets 'real' birds and sees all the things that life has to offer in this colourfully illustrated story, sure to entertain young and old.

Released August 2015


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'Where Do Monsters Hide?' was released on the 8th of March 2014.

"Where Do Monsters Hide?" is a bedtime tale told in rhyme about a little boy named Edward, who is curious where monsters hide during the day. His mother explains all the places they may be lurking.

It is a light-hearted story told for fun, with brightly colored, whimsical illustrations, the sole purpose is to entertain you. However, if you have a fear of monsters, or are afraid of the dark, it might not be an appropriate bedtime story for you.


'Where Do Monsters Hide?' is a paperback, 32 page, full color book.  It is available for purchase at

Also available on at the following address:

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Sabrina's Buttons was released on the 5th of March 2013. 

In this book, Sabrina is spending the day with her granny. Every hour, they do a different job, but somehow during each task, Sabrina manages to lose a button from her rainbow cardigan. Children can help Sabrina look for her lost buttons before her mother comes to take her home in the evening.  There are 12 clocks included in the illustrations to help children become familiar with telling time on the hour.

You can read a review of Sabrina's Buttons by Lee Ashord here:

It is also available through major online retailers such as Barnes and Noble ( and Amazon (

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The Fastest Girl In The World ​​ was released 20th September 2012.


This is the story of a little girl that runs so fast everywhere she goes, that she misses a lot of the world around her. Something happens that makes the little girl have to walk and she soon realizes that there were a lot of interesting things she never saw while she was running.


'The Fastest Girl in the World' was self-published on and is available to purchase on their website at:


And available on Amazon at:



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Patrick Pointyhat and the Troll​ was released 23rd July 2012.


In this story, Patrick Pointyhat is an elf with a problem, a big problem. He wants to cross the bridge to meet the elf of his dreams but a nasty troll is demanding payment before he will let Patrick cross. Patrick devises a plan to cross the bridge that will rid him of the evil troll for good.


'Patrick Pointyhat and the Troll' was self-published on and is available to purchase on their website at:

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