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Books by other authors that I have illustrated:

"TG, No Biting!" by Amalie O'Connor

"Zoo Coup" by Roland Wise

"Mozzie & Jack" by Amalie O'Connor

"Gridlock Granny" by Roland Wise

"Amoya's Accent" by Dahlia Richards

"Finding Feelings" by Jennifer Gafford

"The Frederick Escape" by Jessy Carlisle

"Our Happy Time" by Jennifer Lawlor

"How Truman Found His Roar" by Aaron Fox

"Am I a Fool?" by Jessy Carlisle

"Once Upon a Time Zack Had Our Back" by Valerie King

"N is for Numa" University of Arkansas Fort Smith

"Amoya's Big Move" by Dahlia Richards

"Luna & Her Two Big Wishes" by Nelia F. de Deus

"Grandad's Irish Farm Holiday" by Liam O'Brien

"Hermia Can't Sleep" by Nelia F. de Deus

"The Wicky Wook Wooks" by Tim McGrath

"The Splendiferous Adventures of Ryan Odongo" by Donna Sherard

"Aziz & the Baobab Tree" by Valerie Johnson

"Forest Christmas" by Carol Smith


"Farmer Dreams" by Roland Wise


"Squeezy Bear Learns First Aid" by Gary Ward


"Finding Small One" by Jessy Carlisle


"Poet Tree Book" by Jessy Carlisle


"Time to Play Fair" by Darren Bee


"Ring, Ding, Ping, and Ling and the Watering Hole" by Tom Laramie


"While the Moon Plays" by Rosann O'Dell


"Torro the Silly Parrot" by Virginia Loving


"Jumper" by Rebecca Scarberry


"Jumper Bounces Back" by Rebecca Scarberry


"Jumper Meets Bouncy" by Rebecca Scarberry


"Jumper & Friends" by Rebecca Scarberry


"CougaMongaMingaMan Meets Maggie" by Nancy Scalabroni


"CougaMongaMingaMan" by Nancy Scalabroni


"Sí Mama, Sí Papa" by Nancy Scalabroni


"My Pal Buddy" by Charles Tullis

These are books that I have illustrated for other authors.  If you would like to see the books I have written and illustrated myself, please click here:        My Books

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