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Wildlife Paintings


Animals and nature will always be a favourite subject of mine to paint.  Here are some of my recent works with this subject. Most of these are available as prints and if you like something, please feel free to click on the links in the 'shop' for ordering information. 

Some of these originals are still available and you can send me a quick message if you would like to purchase an original.

Sabrina's Magpie

Survival of the Puff-est

Iris Butterfly

Jungle Cat

Jungle Cat 8

Jungle Cat 7

Eagle 2

Eye of the Tiger

Jungle Cat 5

Clown Fish 2

Jungle Cat 4

Jungle Cat 2

Jungle Cat 3


Clown Fish

Owl in Inks

Baby Screech Owls

Copperwing Bird

Owl at Night

Pink Flowers

Two Turtledoves

Koi 3

Rocky Shore


Blue Jays

Partridge in a Pear Tree

3 French Hens

Bee With Buds

Neighbour's Cat

Bird With Aqua Wing


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