13 February 2019

My books have recently been taken on board by Kenny's Bookshop in Galway, a family run business since 1940, and has grown into a renown Galway institution.


This is what Des Kenny had to say about my books:


"...I spent a delightful 30 minutes reading every one of your  books.

I can only say they are cheerful innovative and instructive.

Thank you for giving me the pleasure. "

















31st March 2017

Release of my latest book,

"Jack Sprat's Wife" is available on at:

And at:

1st April 2016

"Animals and Landscapes Exhibition"

Brazco Coffee Academy

A solo exhibition of my animals and landscapes to run for the month of April.

8th February 2016

"Word Map" Exhibition

Venue:  Renzo's Gallery Café

Date:  starting 29th February 2016

To run for the month of March






19th December 2014

Tom Laramie talks with Joe Duffy on his radio show, Liveline, about his book, "Ring, Ding, Ping, and Ling and the Watering Hole"  Click the link arrow at the right to hear the interview.




12th November 2014

"Tiny Paper Bird" has received a 5 star review from John Witcher of Readers' Favorite.  You can read the review in its entirety at the following link:





7th November 2014:


A huge thank you to Nancy Scalabroni who entered her book, "CougaMongaMingaMan" into the Cat Writers' Association Awards.  This is what they had to say:


The KUYENDALL IMAGE AWARD is sponsored by CWA, and is presented to the outstanding “image” entry featuring cats – whether photography, illustration, or graphic art. 

The entries for this award were judged by Ruth (Sassy) McClure, an award-winning artist and photographer. She has a longstanding reputation in the north Texas art community for her stained glass, jewelry, metal sculptures and graphic designs. She’s the owner of Enigma Studio in Dallas.

The judge’s comments: “This artist’s work beautifully represented the author’s story. Her cats’ expressions were lovely, the drawings of the long, long tail captured the essence of the story.”

The winning entry is the children’s book, “CougoMongaMingaMan” by Terri Kelleher.






30th October 2014:


"Tiny Paper Bird" has the official launch and opening night in Brazco Coffee Academy Restaurant in Oranmore, Galway.

All illustrations will be on exhibition exclusively at Brazco's and the exhibition will continue for the entire month of November.





29th June 2014:


"Couga Monga Minga Man" by Nancy Scalbroni has won another first place award in the animals/pets category from the Purple Dragon Book Awards.  Also, her book "Si Mama, Si Papa" has won second place in the religious/spiritual category.  Well done Nancy! 







29th April 2014:


"Where Do Monsters Hide?" has been awarded a 5-star rating review from Readers' Favorite.  You can see the entire review here at:





31st March 2014:


Congratulations to children's book author, Nancy Scalabroni, for her book "Si Mama, Si Papa," which won first place in the Beverly Hills Book Awards in the category of religious children's book!  She also won an honorable mention for her book "Couga Monga Minga Man" in the Los Angeles Book Awards last week!  Well Done Nancy!  Both of these books are available on the Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Mascot Books websites, as well as the author's own site








8th March 2014:


My latest children's book was released today - 'Where Do Monsters Hide?' is available for purchase from at the following web address:


And available on Amazon at the following link:












4th April 2013:

'Sabrina's Buttons' is now available for purchase from Mascot Books on their website at:

and Barnes and Noble at:

and Amazon at:


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